Celebrating 10 Years of Music 

Today marks my 10 year anniversary working alongside acclaimed Northeastern Pennsylvania music fixture, my friend & producer, Bret Alexander. 

On this date back in 2008, Bret and I began working on what would become our first, full-length effort—2009's "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" at his Dupont studio, Saturation Acres.  Upon our recording of the traditional hymn, "Wayfaring Stranger" on this night, we had no idea what would materialize.  I DID know however that I’d tapped into something really special and I couldn’t wait to see (AND HEAR) what would happen next! 

I recall contacting Bret via email a few months prior asking if he'd have time to throw around a few ideas.  I remember us finding music compatibility and friendship fairly quickly and before I knew it, we were seated quite literally knee-to-knee and eye-to-eye in a place, I now call home recording music and ultimately bringing it out to YOU beautiful people!  

Ten years later those few ideas have certainly given forth to a pretty fruitful run!  The records say what we cannot possibly begin to.  I invite you all to celebrate with us today as WE celebrate you for supporting what we have done and will do as time and the muses allow. 

Bret, you are the lightning to my thunder.  Here's to the next ten years on and off the stage!