If You Don't Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way)

Ed Randazzo

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On this collection of 10 brand new recordings, award-winning singer-songwriter Ed Randazzo returns more grounded than ever! With the release of "If You Don't Bring Me Joy (Be on Your Way)", Ed's message is a clear and unapologetic one! His rapturous, arresting voice is front and center and will stay with you long after the record ends.

‘Joy’ features 6 original songs (5 of which are BRAND NEW) written by Ed Randazzo & Bret Alexander. The remaining tracks in this set include songs written by Bret Alexander, Nina Simone with the addition of two simmering traditional gospel readings.

Bret Alexander [Breaking Benjamin; The Badlees] again is producer and primary instrumentalist on ‘Joy’. Tom Smallcomb formerly of The New York Times Band lends his discipline and explosive talent as sole percussionist on this, Randazzo's third, full-length release.

"...AWESOME. Fat and dirty. ... Raw!”

—Bret on the new record during mixing sessions; June 2015

Smallcomb sets the pace as he introduces the Nina Simone penned "Be My Husband" with an authoritative cadence. Ed's voice comes on without warning and full of ache and discussed. Simone's influence on the course of record #3 is apparent and celebrated by Randazzo! Echoes of his admiration for Miss Simone show up again a bit later in 'Joy's' lead single, "I Need a Woman."

Another influential woman in Ed Randazzo's life is, of course, his Mother. Ed honors her in quite possibly his most personal song to date, a song titled, "Mama". A heartfelt apology set against sweeping orchestration and an urban core. Simple, vulnerable and full of love, "Mama" is appropriately this record's centerpiece.

The mood is considerably darker and menacing on another key track called "Wade in the Water" written by Bret Alexander along with fellow music makers Dustin Drevitch & Paul Young. The trio wrote and demoed the tune back in 2009, and until now, had been unreleased.

This run of new tunes closes with an original, indie folk lullaby called "Stars." It's a solitary moment, a song of reflection taking consolation in the year 'round splendor that is the night sky and the riches it bestows!

"If You Don't Bring Me Joy (Be on Your Way)" also includes a newly recorded rock version of "Let Me Go" [a track originally lifted from 2012’s ‘Show and Tell’] featuring Dustin Drevitch on electric guitar! Additional featured local guest players on 'Joy' include: Eddie Appnel (Backing vocals), Tom Martin (Harp), Adam Sorber (Pedal steel) and Mark Woodyatt (Acoustic & Electric violin).

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  1. 1 Be My Husband 03:34 Info
  2. 2 If You Don't Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way) 03:04 Info
  3. 3 Didn't it Rain 04:21 Info
  4. 4 Let Me Go [#] 03:41 Info
  5. 5 I Need a Woman 03:22 Info
  6. 6 Mama 05:45 Info
  7. 7 Wade in the Water 03:14 Info
  8. 8 Working On a Building 03:40 Info
  9. 9 A Work Song 03:17 Info
  10. 10 Stars 04:12 Info
... Ed is at the height of his powers...”

— Mike Naydock; Songwriter & host of 'Cellar Full of Noise' | 88.5 WRKC

... His finest work to date.”

Alan K. Stout; Award-winning journalist | the570.com