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'Collaborations help singer-songwriter Ed Randazzo grow his brand of blues and folk'
Kristen Gaydos / Staff Writer,
Published: March 2, 2015

Singer-songwriter Ed Randazzo has built relationships with some great musicians, and those collaborations have helped him realize his ambitions.

There’s that connection and excitement, that joy of wanting to do it, that fire,” he said. “That’s the key when you’re collaborating. You have to find people who are just as passionate.”

Music always filled Mr. Randazzo’s house while he grew up. Sounds leaked through the walls of his bedroom from those of his brother, sister and mother.

“From my mom’s room, you had Tina Turner. And then from my sister, you had Michael Jackson,” Mr. Randazzo said. “From my brother’s room, you had Winger and White Snake and Bon Jovi. I loved it all.”

When he started developing his own tastes, Mr. Randazzo said, he sought out music that made him feel or that calmed him. While he never had an epiphany about pursuing singing, music “was always whispering in the background,” he said.

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Randazzo Finds the Light
by Alan K. Stout | Columns, Music, Spotlight


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Singer/songwriter’s third CD offers a soulful collection of songs with a perfect touch of groove

Ed Randazzo is a man at ease. Relaxing on the sofa of his stylishly kept apartment on the west side of the Wyoming Valley, he announces with a smile that this is the place where it all happens. This is where he writes songs. A painting of Nina Simone serves as the centerpiece of his living room. A laptop on the coffee table is how he records his demos. And walks around his neighborhood often serve as his muse. It’s all there. And it can all be found on his new CD, If You Don’t Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way).

The album, Randazzo’s third, is the follow up to 2009’s See That My Grave Is Kept Clean and 2012’s Show and Tell. Like its predecessors, it was produced by Bret Alexander at Saturation Acres Recording Studio. And though its music comes with a distinct blues/pop/roots influence, it combines those elements with a positive vibe. It is his finest work to date.
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Blues musician Ed Randazzo releases third full-length album ‘If You Don’t Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way)
By Mark Uricheck | The Weekender

Blues is one of the most charismatic of musical genres, allowing for maximum emotional impact with minimal inflection. One note is worth a thousand words when playing the blues, yet when it comes to defining his view of this music that rolls so elegantly tortured off his tongue, West Pittston musician Ed Randazzo is speechless.

“Blues means so many things to so many around the world,” said Randazzo, who has just released his third full-length album of music titled “If You Don’t Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way).” “Right now, words escape me. I’d prefer to let my music speak for itself.”

Randazzo’s new record certainly speaks highly of the fruitful collaboration he’s had since day one (his debut, “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean” was released in 2009) with songwriting maestro and producer Bret Alexander; who was incredibly nurturing of Randazzo’s vision. Like the previous records, “If You Don’t Bring Me Joy (Be On Your Way)” was recorded at Alexander’s Saturation Acres studio.

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