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Destination Blues, in partnership with The Exchange, welcomed Ed Randazzo & Bret Alexander to downtown Bloomsburg on February 28, 2018. Ed & Bret bring their mixed bag of Folk, Blues, Gospel, and Americana performing for an enthralled audience in the intimate surroundings of one of this city's most beautiful gallery spaces. 


Photos courtesy of David Otto Kurecian and shared with kind permission. 

The songs: 


You Are Not Alone (Tweedy) 
Ring Them Bells (Randazzo/Alexander) 

Set I 

Who's that Man? > (Randazzo/Alexander) 
This Little Light (Loes) 
Mama (Randazzo/Alexander) 
Wade in the Water (Alexander; Drevitch/Young) 
Factory (Springsteen; arr. Williams) 
Only a Miner (Traditional, arr. Randazzo/Alexander) 
Ring Them Bells (Randazzo/Alexander) 
Grinning in Your Face (Son House; arr. Randazzo) 
Let Me Go (Randazzo/Alexander) 
I Need a Woman (Randazzo/Alexander) 
Be My Husband (Simone; arr. Randazzo/Alexander) 







Set II 

Soldier, Soldier (Traditional; arr. Merchant) 
Joy (Williams) 
Guilt (Reynolds) 
Next Door Neighbor Blues (Clark) 
The Walking Blues (Powell/Bass; arr. Randazzo/Alexander) 
My Man's Gone Now (Gershwin; arr. Randazzo) 
Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Traditional; arr. Randazzo/Alexander) 
You Are Not Alone (Tweedy) 
Knocking on Heaven's Door (Dylan; arr. Randazzo/Alexander) 
Grandma's Hands (Withers) 
Didn't it Rain > (Traditional; arr. Suter/Bell) 
This Old Man (Traditional; arr. Randazzo) 
John the Revelator (Traditional; arr. Alexander)



A heartfelt thank you on behalf of Bret and myself to all involved with making Wednesday night's gig so very special! Thanks to B. Jay, Oren, and the Briggs family for having us! And to our audience, we are moved just as you were! 

Gratitude x





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