Award-winning singer-songwriter Ed Randazzo is set to make his Erie debut at Artlore Studio!

"… An affable, soft-spoken genuine soul… with a scathing mouthpiece of fire ‘n brimstone—part Bob Dylan tortured song-writing introspection, part Mississippi Fred McDowell world-weary, heavy-hearted bluesman… with a Leonard Cohen-esque delivery.”

—Mark Uricheck; Connections Magazine, June 2012

Originally from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area of Pennsylvania, Ed's been wowing audiences with his papable performances and engaging and joyous stage presence for the past 10 years. Ed is celebrating his 10-year music making milestone with a new collection of favorites and unreleased tracks called "WHO'S THAT MAN?: COLLECTED SONGS 2008-2018"

Who's that Man?: Collected Songs 2008-2018 is now available digitally and on limited edition CD. On this night, we are celebrating the special limited release of Collected Songs on VINYL!

This is a B.Y.O.B. event. With a suggested donation of $5 at the door.